Common functions and members used by yajl-py (parse and gen)


The loaded ctypes.cdll handle to libyajl shared object. This is used to call any external api functions exported by yajl into libyajl.

exception yajl.yajl_common.YajlConfigError

Bases: yajl.yajl_common.YajlException

exception yajl.yajl_common.YajlError(value='')

Bases: yajl.yajl_common.YajlException

exception yajl.yajl_common.YajlException

Bases: exceptions.Exception


To be used internally by yajl-py to fetch yajl’s version

Return type:string
Returns:yajl’s version in the format ‘Major.Minor.Micro’

To be used internally by yajl-py to preload the yajl shared object

Return type:ctypes.cdll
Returns:The yajl shared object
Raises:OSError – when libyajl cannot be loaded